The birth of this blog was inspired by a sermon in my local church, when our parish priest spoke about the upcoming Year of Faith and read from a letter from our bishops’ conference. To get a sense of how it all started, take a look at the first couple of posts (e.g., here, here and here).

You may ask, “But who are you to write about the Year of Faith?,” and you’d be justified to expect a list of credentials. Instead I am going to stay silent about who I am (and, yes, Irene Niravalambana is a nom de plume) and would like to invite you to read my blog posts without recourse to information about their author. If my words are convincing or edifying, then they ought to be so regardless of who I am and if not, then no amount of credentials, life experiences, standing or authority ought to convince you otherwise. I hope you don’t take this as patronizing or secretive and that you will enjoy my blog.